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Calling all Pisces and Aries here we go, something to show up and show out for. DJ Shawn Blaq first ever bday party and it’s a pajama jam house party. If you ever been on the captain jp cruise lines in troy then you know who he is. Djs on deck, DJ young wise, DJ ness nice, and confirmed the bounce master Bx own DJ doo-wop. We gotta show out for this one, tickets will be available@ ticket fly@ Jupiter hall site and tickets from DJ Shawn blaq/ Gabe, Willie, and Team Blaqout. You can also hit the Blaqout ent page@ FB/DJ Shawn blaq@ FB or IG. Let’s go ( FYI I will be doing a little bit of djing myself as some of the team will too.)  Classy pajama attire, discretion is an option at the door!!!