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Look out Albany, we’re coming for ya and we’re bringing Kristen Capolino (opens in a new window) with us!
In 1983, seeking to take TALAS further than just regional success, Billy Sheehan (opens in a new window) reformed TALAS with dedicated vocalist, Phil Naro (opens in a new window), drummer Mark Miller (opens in a new window),and guitarist Mitch Perry, later to be replaced with Johnny Angel. TALAS would release only one album, “Live Speed on Ice”! In 1985 Billy withdrew from TALAS to join The David Lee Roth Band.
AND THEN… After 32 years, Billy, Phil & Mark reunited, added guitarist Kire Najdovski (opens in a new window) and played what was to be one night only on July 19th, 2017, in Rochester NY….
With enthusiastic response, The music of TALAS continues!